KamilaBib schreef...
nice blog about life. my blog. #kamilafromuzbb
5th February 2018 4:01
JaniceRew schreef...
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31st January 2018 12:21
XRumerTest schreef...
Hello. And Bye.
7th January 2018 15:42
Phesthisifs schreef...
TtsKbEPnjt mom ko kutte ne choda
7th January 2018 11:44
Juliosmisy schreef...
Do violent video games lead to behaviour problems?
Yes because studies have shown if you play violent video games you have bad behavior.
I agree with this because every time you play a violent video game, you change. You keep talking about and don't stop. At school your education grades will fall because you keep wanting to play it and don't bother paying attention. The graphics are so real that it seems you are there and holding the remote like a real gun. Also you get points when you kill a person on COD and then you might want to get real life points. You get so much into the game that you want to play it so much to you will do anything to try and shoot a real gun.
3rd January 2018 15:00

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